Историјски архив Бела Црква

Forms and guidelines for foreign nationals and researchers

The Historical Archives in Bela Crkva keeps archival materials belonging to administrative and public institutions, economic organizations and businesses, as well as private records - which all totals to 657 registered funds and collections. 495 funds have been fully processed by the registry and are provided with a summary inventory - a scientific information resource. 

Archival materials can be accessed both by citizens of Serbia and foreign nationals. 

Terms of access to archival materials are governed by the provisions of the Law on Cultural Property and the Historical Archives’ Rulebook on the Terms of Use of Archival Material. 

The library of the Historical Archives in Bela Crkva holds over 4,000 volumes in several major languages. 25 volumes have been awarded the status of an old and rare book.

The reading room hours are from 8am to 1pm, Monday to Thursday. 

Further information on how to do research at our Archives is readily available upon request. The contact person is Ilija Jovanović and can be reached at +381 13 851 283, extension 103, or arhivskadelatnost@arhivbelacrkva.rs. 

Application form for permission to consult archival records by foreign nationals (a completed form should be sent to arhivskadelatnost@arhivbelacrkva.rs )