Историјски архив Бела Црква

History and Mission

The Archives and archival records

Bela Crkva’s Historical Archives was founded in 1945 as a branch of the People's Museum in Vršac. On the 12th July, 1946, it became a cultural institution in its own right. However, due to the lack of storage space, the Archives was relocated to Bela Crkva on the 26th November, 1956. 

As of 1967, the Historical Archives in Bela Crkva keeps public records and historical materials belonging to several municipalities. 

It was jointly founded by AP Vojvodina, the City of Vršac and the Municipalities of Plandište and Bela Crkva, and has consequently been charged with preserving records of its founding city and municipalities.  

The Archives' offices are at 40, 1.Oktobra Street in Bela Crkva. 

The central activity of the Archives is the preservation of archival records and registry material. This involves a scope of operations, such as to expertly select and collect, safeguard and manage, process, arrange and publish archival records, to dispose of registry material located outside the Archives premisses; to remedy deficiencies in the preservation of archival records and registry material; to make the archival material accessible in digital format and to reproduce it, as well as to perform other activities prescribed by law.  

The Archives building comprises 15 depots, where archival material dating from 1764 to 2011 is stored. It safeguards 3,903 linear meters of archival records, classified into 658 archival funds. According to cultural property categorization, 21 fund-collections are of exceptional importance, whereas 56 fund-collections are of great importance. The Archives Registry Department classifies, manages and disposes of registry material stored in 465 registries, which keep more than 20,000 linear meters of archival records and registry material.